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Practice Areas

Our Areas of Practice

Real Estate Law

Whether you are a buyer or seller, a developer, or an investor, engaging in successful transactions depends on having the advice of a knowledgeable real estate attorney.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Issues of lease negotiation, eviction, or proceedings such as primary tenancy, non-payment of rent, and claims of nuisance can be resolved by a landlord/tenant attorney.

Business Litigation

Broken contracts and failed relations can prevent a business from succeeding. An effective legal advisor can mean the difference between success and failure.

Breach of Contract

The fallout from breach of contracts to businesses can be tremendous. An experienced lawyer can minimize the damage while working toward a swift resolution.

Unfair Business Practices

If a business act is unlawful, an experienced attorney will be needed to hold the party responsible for their actions.

Employment Law

Recover unpaid overtime or wages if you have experienced a work-related injury or have been exempted from overtime or misclassified.

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Our Case Process

Detailed Planning

We start by collecting information and meticulously planning your case


Our goal is to protect your rights, and this includes your financial stability


We work hard to represent you and your interests in the best possible way
Practice Areas
Our clients’ success determines our own. 

Regardless of your legal situation or case, we know the stakes are high and we know how stressful your legal matter can be. Let the experienced California attorneys at Khoury Law Group offer you the peace of mind you deserve.